Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am happy to contact you.

“For the Lord is good, His mercy endures forever.

I would like to to introduce myself to you,I was born and brought up in a Pastor’s family. Even before I was born and in my mother’s womb my parents dedicated me for the Lord’s ministry .By the grace of God, He has called and chosen me at the age of 15 for His honorable Ministry. I obeyed His call and received His guidance to equip myself in the Bible Colleges for the Lord’s ministry. From then on our God has been so faithful to me, my family and ministry.

I have been a Bible Teacher and was teaching in the Bible Colleges for thirteen years and pastoring the New Hope Church which is in the heart of Chennai city. I have been passionately preaching the word of God with a sound biblical wisdom and used by God with revelations and healing gifts. Many people receive Blessings through our prayerful ministries. All glory to God.

I am married to Pushpa and our sons are Abraham, and Ebenezer, who have been anointed, used, and guided by this glorious ministry, and all our faithful members of the New Hope Ministry are working along with us to grow this ministry. Kindly Pray for us and our ministries as well.

May the Lord bless each one of you.

Rev. A. Samuel